IEIA Forum Steering Committee has approved an initial roster of deliverables designed to pool international government and electricity industry resources, giving participants access to more relevant information and emerging thought on infrastructure assurance than they could develop on their own. The deliverables feature subjects not currently being addressed by the government or electric industry initiatives.

The electricity industry and participating governments are already dedicating significant resources to infrastructure assurance, and collaboration offers both time and money savings in that pursuit.

List of Deliverables

  • Collaboration. This deliverable provides annual regional and global meetings for industry and government participants, with agendas designed to promote public-private partnership and information exchange on critical infrastructure protection and infrastructure assurance issues and topics.
  • Technology Transfer. The forum will develop, test and verify ways to transfer infrastructure-related research and development to end-users.
  • R&D Catalog. The catalog is a comprehensive index of electricity industry research and development projects, giving participants’ access to an array of programs run by government laboratories, utilities and vendors.
  • Threat Scenario Library. The forum will gather participants’ established threat scenarios and create a searchable database, creating a broad pool of knowledge on infrastructure hazards.
  • Web site. The secure site will primary portal for the forum deliverables, including archival records and current events listings.
  • Personnel Directory of CIP Professionals. The forum will develop a searchable participants-only database of infrastructure assurance professionals, subject matter experts and government and industry thought leaders.

Future Deliverables

  • Centre of Excellence. This deliverable creates a library of established, innovative approaches to infrastructure assurance challenges. Participating countries and companies have expertise in range of situations, allowing participants to learn from each other without duplicating efforts.
  • Training materials. Members can take a buffet-style approach to security awareness training by reviewing skill level course material provided.