Q: What makes the IEIA Forum different from other electricity assurance organizations?

A: The IEIA Forum builds informal lines of international communication with industry and government providing efficient ways to get work done. The forum addresses threats of all kinds that respect no boundary, change rapidly and can impact everyone in such an interdependent world. For instance, all utilities buy from just a very few transformer suppliers.

Q: What are some of the benefits of joining the IEIA Forum other than the deliverables stated below?

A: International cooperation on issues of common concern almost always provides benefits, even if only as a result of seeing how different people look at an issue and possible ways to address the issues, it helps open your eyes to new approaches, alternatives and creative solutions. Different countries in the group have different levels of expertise on different issues so that we can learn from one another

Q: What is the IEIA Forum Secretariat?

A: There is a need to administer the IEIA Forum functions with a staff of dedicated resources, as identified early in the development of the IEIA Forum. The Secretariat was established to fulfill this function and is directed by the Steering Committee. The Secretariat Director is William Bryan.

Q: What does the Steering Committee do?

A: The Steering Committee is the governing body for the IEIA Forum. The committee has programmatic and administrative authority for the management of the forum, including Steering Committee membership criteria, additional committee participation criteria and forum membership criteria and approval process. The committee also oversees and directs the dedicated support staff and resources.

Steering Committee membership consists of one government and one electricity industry representative each from the five participating countries for a total of ten members.

Q: Who can join?

A: Participation is open to electricity industry service providers and the governments of participating countries. Vendors, suppliers, regulators and consultants are excluded.
The electricity industry includes:

  • Integrated electric utilities.
  • Transmission or distribution utilities.
  • Power generators and marketers.
  • Independent system operators.
  • Related industry associations.

Q: Which countries are participating?

A: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States

Q: What are the IEIA Forum’s currently defined deliverables?

A: Click here to see a detailed list of deliverables.

Q: How do I sign up or ask questions?

A: Use our Contact Us page to join or ask additional information.